My studio is open to new students at all levels:

beginners to advanced pianists,

adults at all levels, and

Lapsed Pianists at any age are most welcome

Amy Nadel, Pianist

     Lessons and  Accompaniment 





near Fresh Pond for 20 years



My students include:

- Musicians ages 7-70

- Beginner to Advanced level

- Lapsed Pianists of all ages


.The work is built around elements of technique, theory, and musicality:

- Technique: Loose limbs working from a center of gravity. Proper approach, strength, and speed. 

         Musically satisfying materials geared to the student’s technical level

- Music theory and history: Directional, interval, and note reading; keys; musical form and historical context.

- Musicality: Being in the music and being your own best listener is part of every piece at every lesson. Producing the right sound - what the pianist wants to express with the technical capability to do so- is why we play.


Performance opportunities:

- Three or four informal musical afternoons through the year for students to play for one another. I urge everyone to attend, if possible, because they are worth a dozen lessons for the players and listeners. The gatherings, replete with cookies, allow students to try out pieces in a relaxed setting, get over performance jitters, and give and take comments from one another. 

- A winter recital and a formal spring recital as well, in a beautiful hall on Beacon Hill.


It's serious and good work, and never without laughter; for those who would subject themselves to the profound pleasure of hard work and musical reward.


I have spent the last two decades teaching piano in the Cambridge area to aspiring musicians of all ages, While completing my liberal arts degree at Boston University, l undertook a rigorous study of piano technique with Anthony diBonaventura, complemented by studies in musicology at the BU School of Music. Musical study continued at the University of Iowa, Iowa City where I performed with the Center for New Music, taught piano and theory, and coached pianists for auditions at the University's School of Music.  I received an MFA in piano performance and pedagogy under the guidance of Uriel Tsachor and Carole Thomas.

Music on the site still under construction. This is the whole of the Visions Fugitives.  You can start at the beginning or anywhere, but a lively place to start and to avoid silence and applause,  is at 3:25. 









Amy Nadel Cambridge, MA